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How was the List created

The Scottish Biodiversity List (SBL) is a list of animals, plants and habitats that Scottish Ministers consider to be of principal importance for biodiversity conservation in Scotland.

The Scottish Biodiversity List was published in 2005 to satisfy the requirement under Section 2(4) of The Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004 external site .

The purpose of the list is to help public bodies carry out their Biodiversity Duty by identifying the species and habitats which are the highest priority for biodiversity conservation in Scotland. It is also a useful source of information for anyone interested in nature conservation in Scotland.

The Scottish Biodiversity List has been updated to take account of changes to the UKBAP priorities list. The list has also been divided into categories to help pull out priorities for action.

Which species and habitats are on the list?

  • Land & freshwater species
  • Land & freshwater habitats
  • Marine species & habitats

Details of how habitats and species were selected for inclusion on the Scottish Biodiversity List are given two reports.

In addition to the main lists of habitats and species there is an additional list of those which were important to the people of Scotland at the time the original list was produced. 

The Scottish Biodiversity List criteria for selection  PDF document include scientific criteria and a social criterion based on a survey of the Scottish public

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