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What's on near you?

Scotland is an extraordinary country where people can enjoy nature easily - whether it's at a city park or on a remote island. Whether your favourite landscape includes trees or the sea, there is somewhere and something for everyone.

There are many different biodiversity and outdoor events happening throughout the country. You can find out about a wide range of them in this section.

Scotland's National Nature Reserves external site (NNRs) are nationally important places for wildlife and are of great beauty and uniqueness. You can visit at any time of the year and experience anything from ancient Caledonian pine forests to blanket bog, from seabird colonies to mountain plants, and they are located throughout the country.

Local nature reserves (LNRs) are also found throughout Scotland and are areas of local importance for nature and landscapes. They provide opportunities to learn about and enjoy nature close to where you live.

Countryside Ranger services throughout Scotland can be found via Local Authority websites and SCRA external site .

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