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Wildlife and green spaces near you

Scotland is renowned for its wonderful landscapes, and rich and varied wildlife. However, you don't have to go far from towns and cities in order to experience nature close up. Many of our most loved and charismatic animals can be found in and around our towns.

Looking for somewhere to go?

The Scottish Natural Heritage website has lots of ideas for enjoying the outdoors.

Why not visit a nature reserve or park near you?

  • Country parks close to our towns and cities are great places to take the whole family for an afternoon out.
  • National Nature Reserves external site are great places to visit to see special kinds of habitats and wildlife.
  • Local Nature Reserves are managed by local authorities and are green oases within cities away from urban stresses and strains.
  • Other sites from high profile attractions to hidden gems right in the heart of our cities.

Stuck for things to do?

  • Let us inspire you with one of the videos in the related links.
  • Find some other ideas on what you can do in the great outdoors or closer to home in Get out and Get active.
  • Get some top tips for activities to do with kids on SNH's simple pleasures web pages

Pushed for time?

As little as ten minutes spent relaxing in a green space near your home or office is good for your health and improves your sense of wellbeing.

You might be surprised to learn what wildlife lives near you. Find out what's lives your back yard:


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