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Local Biodiversity Action Plan Partnerships

Local Biodiversity Action Plan Partnerships were set up in the UK as part of Britain's response to ratifying the Convention on Biological Diversity external site following the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

Each partnership is made up of a number of organisations, from one (or more) local authority area with a balance of national agencies and organisations and more local biodiversity expertise. Local authorities normally play host to a biodiversity officer for the partnership other than in the Loch Lomond & Trossachs and Cairngorms National Parks which have their own distinct plans and biodiversity officers.

The partnerships deliver a wide range of biodiversity conservation, communication and education work in their local areas. Each partnership has a biodiversity action plan which identifies the habitats and species for which work is underway or planned. You can find links to these plans below.

Scottish Local Biodiversity Partnerships

Find out what's happening in your area:

Argyll & Bute external site

East Ayrshire external site

North Ayrshire external site

South Ayrshire external site

Cairngorms Nature external site

Clackmannanshire external site

Dumfries external site

West Dunbartonshire external site

East Dunbartonshire external site

East Lothian external site

Edinburgh City external site

Falkirk external site

Fife external site

Glasgow external site

Highland external site

Inverclyde external site

Loch Lomond and Trossachs Wild Park external site

Midlothian external site

North East Biodiversity  external site  external site

North Lanarkshire external site

Orkney external site

Renfrewshire external site

East Renfrewshire external site

Scottish Borders external site  external site

Shetland - Living Shetland external site

South Lanarkshire  external site  external site

Stirling external site

Tayside external site

West Lothian external site

Western Isles external site

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