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LBAP Projects

Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) Partnerships carry out a wide range of projects within their LBAP areas. These projects can be conservation of species or habitats or comprise innovative awareness raising and communication work. The following are examples of the kinds of initiatives that have been undertaken.

To find out what's going on in your LBAP area you can browse the local biodiversity partnerships or contact your local authority Biodiversity Officer. 

Community Action for Biodiversity in Dumfries and Galloway

The principal aim of this project was to reconnect people with their natural heritage. Modern living, including recent trends in transport, employment, and leisure activities, has tended to reduce everyday contact with the natural heritage. Where such contact remains, it often involves a special trip to a nature reserve, a country park or a favourite place in the countryside. Such trips tend to be undertaken by car, and therefore exclude many groups in society. This project provided facilities for people to understand and appreciate the natural heritage on a daily basis, without the need for travel.

The project involved working with communities within the Sulwath Connections area to transform green spaces in and around towns and villages into areas rich in biodiversity, making them more accessible, safer, healthier and more enjoyable places to visit. The work was co-ordinated through a Community Biodiversity Officer.

The biodiversity work completed on the sites was the involvement of local people: 91 regular volunteers working a minimum total of 354 days, 126 training events attended by 1548 people, 935 school children involved in educational activities, and countless enjoyable visits from members of the public who otherwise had no involvement with the projects. The age of active participants ranged from 4 to 94, but almost all of them had no previous involvement with biodiversity.

Tayside Nature on Track Leaflet

Nature on Track was an initiative launched as the grand finale to the highly successful Tayside Biodiversity Festival held in 2010 (140 events across the region). The Nature on Track leaflet (highlighted the biodiversity seen from trains between Perth and Montrose) was nominated in the Community Rail Awards run by Network Rail. In a pan Partnership project it aimed to spawn other leaflets across Scotland including Argyll & Bute, the Cairngorms and Highlands. The Partnership also helped local communities improve Tayside's rail station platforms for biodiversity.

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