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No current festival

Events during the Festival are being advertised through The List website. Find out what's on near you external site .

Event Organisers:

The List external site  is a popular website that allows the public to search for what's on near them.

  • this means that your events will be publicised to a large audience.
  • more people will find out what kind of event you are organising near where they live or where they will be during the Festival.
  • therefore you have a better chance of attracting higher numbers of people to your event/s.

To submit an event, please visit the event organisers' page on The List website. You will need to register - don't worry, it's a quick process - and then you will be able to enter the details of your event directly into The List website yourself. After your event submission is checked your listing will go live on the site. The following two documents will help you to make the most of your event listing: event listing guide  PDF document and venue listing guide  PDF document .

We would value your feedback about using The List to advertise your events. You can contact to us at