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Biodiversity delivery agreements & statements

The 2020 Challenge for Scotland's Biodiversity identifies that the Scottish Government will develop a Delivery Agreement with partners and invite them to commit to making the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy work.

Delivery Agreements are intended to be concise, strategic documents which set out in broad terms the commitments that an organisation is making to deliver for biodiversity.

There are several benefits to those preparing Delivery Agreements including:

  • Enables public bodies to make clear how they are fulfilling their biodiversity duty and provide a basis for reporting.
  • Provides an example for other bodies to follow, encouraging greater action towards the common aims of the 2020 Challenge.
  • Enables organisations to demonstrate to the contribution they make to international biodiversity goals.


The process of developing delivery agreements and statements is ongoing. As they are published they will be listed below.

Delivery Agreements:

For further information please contact:  

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