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Habitats & Species Group

The main remit of the Habitats & Species Group is to:

  • Assist SNH and the SBS Coordination Group in determining priorities for species, habitat and geomorphology action that contribute to delivery of the 2020 Challenge for Scotland's Biodiversity external site and the Route Map to 2020.
  • Oversee completion of actions and targets relating to habitats, species or geomorphology identified in Scotland's Biodiversity a Route Map to 2020 external site .
  • Provide or source expert opinion, when sought, on habitats, species and geomorphology in Scotland.
  • Contribute to strategic thinking around priorities for SBS development and route map beyond 2020.
  • Support integration of tasks across working groups and wider mainstreaming.
  • Provide updates on progress and issues arising to SNH and the SBS Coordination Group as appropriate. 

The Chair of the Habitats & Species Group is Dr Chris Ellis, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

Habitats & Species Group Delivery Tasks

The Habitats & Species Group is in the process of identifying key tasks for the period 2017- 2020.  Potential tasks currently being considered include:

  • To assess current priority species and priority habitat work, to identify potential new projects which might help meet Route Map Targets.
  • To recommend an effective balance of conservation effort between single species projects and ecosystem/ landscape scale projects.
  • To inform ecosystem scale restoration work to ensure that it addresses threatened Scottish Biodiversity List species which have not been targeted by conservation projects.
  • To identify how citizen science data might be used to inform priorities for both ecosystem restoration and the development of the National Ecological Network.

Tasks will be confirmed in the second half of 2017.

For further information on biodiversity governance in Scotland and the 2020 Challenge for Scotland's Biodiversity please contact:  

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