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Landscape Scale Conservation Group

The main aims of the Landscape Scale Conservation Group are:

  • To build on good practice to encourage further successful delivery of landscape scale conservation
  • To ensure landscape scale conservation delivery is effectively supported by policy
  • To maximise the contribution made by landscape scale conservation projects to wider policy objectives.

The Group has identified three key tasks for 2017-18:

  • Set up a webpage to share information and promote landscape scale projects through SeWeb external site . This will include mapping, case studies and links to guidance and funding sources. 
  • Establish a Practitioners' Network for people working on landscape scale projects to provide for effective communication, and information sharing.
  • Organise knowledge exchange events through the Practitioner Network, and encourage others to run and promote similar events through the Network.

The Chair of the Landscape Scale Conservation Working Group is Zoe Clelland, RSPB Scotland.


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