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Science Support Group

The main remit of the Science Support Group is:

  • Promote the input of high quality natural and social science advice to delivery and monitoring of the SBS.
  • Promote active collaboration and coordination of biodiversity research, and outreach/knowledge exchange.
  • Assist the SBS Coordination Group in determining research priorities that contribute to delivery of the 2020 Challenge for Scotland's Biodiversity and the Biodiversity Route Map to 2020.
  • Advise and support other working groups in delivery of their tasks.
  • Contribute to strategic thinking around priorities for SBS development beyond 2020.

The Science & Technical Group is chaired by Dr. John Kerr of Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA).

Science Support Group Delivery Tasks

The Science & Technical Group has a number of key tasks for 2017-18 including the following:

  • Continue development of Ecosystem Health Indicators, and review other existing biodiversity indicators.
  • Provide advice, information and quality assurance for monitoring and reporting on the Aichi biodiversity targets.
  • Analysis of relevant data on biodiversity condition, pressures and trends to help identify priorities to 2020 and beyond.
  • Continue development of the Evidence Delivery Plan using it to link with UK initiatives, CAMERAS and potential research funders.

The Ecosystem Health Indicators sub-group have identified a series of indicators  PDF document which work at a number of scales. These allow us to identify where priority action is required to restore ecosystem health and to monitor progress.

The Biodiversity Evidence Delivery Plan (EDP) has been produced by the Science Support Group (SSG) of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy (SBS) to outline the evidence needs and actions required to meet the biodiversity targets of the SBS. An initial evidence plan was developed by the SSG. This was then developed through consultation with key stakeholders to identify any missing knowledge gaps.

In addition, the identified evidence needs were mapped to the Route Map for the 2020 Challenge for Scotland's Biodiversity to assess how the delivery of evidence needs related to the SBS overall would help take forward the Route Map.

Finally, an assessment was made of the extent to which the evidence needs highlighted in the EDP were met by the previous (2011-2015) and current (2016-2020) Scottish Government Strategic Research Programmes. The documents provided here are the original EDP, a report outlining the work detailed above (and its outcomes), and a spreadsheet mapping the EDP to the Biodiversity Route Map to 2020.

The SSG plans to revisit and refresh the biodiversity EDP as part of its work for the coming year. If you have any suggestions for topics which should be included as a priority in this plan please contact 

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