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Other Groups Supporting the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy

Protected Areas Working Group

This Group's remit is focussed on the contribution which protected areas make to the delivery of Scottish Biodiversity Strategy objectives. It oversees the activity of a wide partnership of private, voluntary and public sector organisations, whose goal is to improve the condition of natural features (habitats, species and earth science interests) on protected areas through implementing the Delivering Favourable Condition Action Plan. The Group is also considering, through a protected areas review, how protected areas support for biodiversity and other stakeholders, under the current legislation, can be improved. 


Invasive Non-native Species Action Group

This Group's main purpose is to prioritise and coordinate action on non-native species. It has carried out horizon scanning and prioritisation exercises to identify prevention work and management for species of significant invasive potential. Biosecurity measures and contingency plans will help to prevent the establishment and spread of those species most likely to become invasive in Scotland, whilst strategic approaches are being developed for managing invasive Rhododendron and invasive non-native plants on river banks.

The Group works closely with other relevant INNS working groups within Great Britain and Ireland.

Strategic Marine Issues Group

The Strategic Marine Issues Group discuss marine policy issues, including the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy. Membership is made up of Scottish Government and statutory bodies with a marine remit - SNH, JNCC, SEPA and HES.

The group has recently provided advice on the development of marine ecosystem health indicators. The other SBS working groups progressing actions with marine and coastal relevance should engage with this group.



 For further information on biodiversity governance in Scotland and the 2020 Challenge for Scotland's Biodiversity please contact:  

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