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Biodiversity & Business

Biodiversity benefits Business

Scotland's National Outcome for Business is "We live in a Scotland that is the most attractive place for doing business in Europe external site ."   Incentives to attract business are important and Scotland's outstanding natural environment can be one of them.  A natural view from an office can create a sense of wellbeing.  Living close to outdoor areas with recreational potential is a bonus.

Businesses can help employees and the public enjoy biodiversity by adding value to the work place, creating a green working environment

Business can help by contributing to Scotland's carbon emission reduction targets external site , reducing emissions and working in an environmentally friendly way.  For example the Construction Industry Research and Information Association external site   provides guidance to its section of industry on environmental good practice.

Building better biodiversity on site

There are many things that a business can do for biodiversity.  Consider preparing a biodiversity plan or biodiversity strategy.  This can provide targets and engage staff.  A plan is something to be proud of.  If you have carried out positive works for biodiversity, you might be eligible for an award external site to showcase your green credentials. 

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