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Community groups

If you share a space with other people think about working together for nature.

Have an idea or a plan?

Jot it down, talk to your friends and see if there is support for your ideas.  Biodiversity doesn't need to be an "add on", it can be incorporated right from the start.  For inspiration check out what has been achieved with the Forestry Commissions Woods in and Around Towns external site .

Start a project

This can be daunting, but there is help out there.  Advice on projects and biodiversity is available from Scottish Natural Heritage.  Also consider talking to other community groups before you submit your application for funding.  There is nothing like the practical experience of others to help you get started.

Get stuck in!

Getting your hands dirty can be rewarding, and not just for children!  Aside from being able to look at a pond or trees or a boardwalk in years to come and think "I helped do that", getting stuck into a practical task is great exercise.  It can be part of your own project or part of an organised green gym external site .

Check the fruits of your labour

Take part in a survey to see how your work is helping local wildlife.  In addition to national surveys, enlist the help of a local naturalist to check what is there.  Consider training for your group members and above all have fun!  Taking part in a bioblitz external site can be a great day out.


Smell the flowers, listen to the birds and take in the landscape, its habitats and species.  Biodiversity is not just about animals and plants, it's also about us.  Biodiversity provides many different "services", not least of which is health and a sense of wellbeing. 

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