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Farmers, foresters and estates

Much of Scotland's biodiversity is found on farmland, forestry or sporting estates.  How you use that land can make a huge difference.  The Scotland Rural Development Programme external site  (SRDP) is the largest single source of funding for biodiversity in the country.  The biodiversity options under the SRDP are designed to support important habitats and species.

Detailed advice on how to manage land for biodiversity can be found in our advice and resources web pages.

Leaflets to help you

The Scottish Biodiversity Forum  has produced a set of guidance leaflets for farmers, crofters and sporting managers.

There are six leaflets each covering a different specific type of land management and the biodiversity related to that. Every farm, croft and sporting estate is different - they are different sizes, managed for different purposes and occur in different parts of the country.

The leaflets contain general information and recommendations for managing land with respect for its biodiversity. They can be accessed via the related links on this page or in the Scottish Natural Heritage publications catalogue.

Other sources of advice and guidance

More specific advice and guidance can be obtained from the following agencies and organisations:



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