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Marine users

A jewel in Scotland's biodiversity, the seas and coasts have long inspired poets and artists.  They are a great place to enjoy some of the best wildlife sights anywhere in the world.  Although most people do not manage the seas and coast directly, we can minimise our impacts.  When visiting the coast or on board a boat remember to avoid leaving litter. Tour organisers should always take care to follow both The Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code external site   and the The Scottish Outdoor Access Code external site .

Litter is something where many members of the public can become actively involved e.g. by joining one of the voluntary litter monitoring schemes such as Beachwatch external site  or litter reducing schemes such as Bag it and Bin It external site

Invasive non-native species are a threat.  There are precautions which boat and ship users should take if arriving from overseas.  If you do spot an invasive non-native species, remember to send details of your sighting to your local biological recording network or directly to the Marine Life Information Network external site .

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