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Teachers and students

If you are a teacher consider how to engage your students in a biodiversity project.  

Try the resources for teaching available on the Scottish Natural Heritage website.  The Biodiversity Activities Pack contains lots of great ideas to help you enjoy outdoor education. 

Consider making your classroom and grounds biodiverse!  That way not only will the students learn about biodiversity, but your school can become a haven for local wildlife. Biodiversity and the school estate has lots of ideas to help with this.

Learning in Local Greenspace


This exciting partnership project aims to support 100 schools across Scotland to take learning outdoors into a local greenspace on a regular and frequent basis.

The project will involve identifying and addressing the barriers that currently prevent frequent outdoor learning across the curriculum in each school. These may include improving access to and the quality of local greenspaces and building confidence in teachers to take learning outdoors. The schools that we will work with are those serving some of the most disadvantaged areas of Scotland.

Key to the success of this Scottish Natural Heritage led project will be its collaborative approach. We are working in partnership with a range of local and national environmental partner organisations, local authorities (including education and other key departments such as greenspace, parks management and ranger teams) and of course schools.

This summary document  PDF document provides more information about this project.

Legacy and Resources

We will produce materials for this project that schools not directly participating can also use. Beyond your boundary: easy steps to learning in local greenspace will help schools to find, access, use and improve their local greenspace and spread and embed learning in local greenspace in their establishment. It is for educators in all schools, of any subject, working with pupils of all stages. Within the resource pack there is a questionnaire to inform your action plan, a greenspace audit, and an action plan template.

Further Information:

If you would like further information about this work, please contact the project team at Scottish Natural Heritage:

Sue Munro (Policy and Advice, Greenspace)Project Manager

Sharon Cunningham (Policy and Advice, Outdoor Learning)

Zeshan Akhter (Strategy, Scottish Biodiversity Strategy)

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