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Volunteering in Scotland is extremely popular. There are approximately 600 organisations and bodies affiliated with the Forum for Environmental Volunteering Activity! 

An enjoyable way of making a real difference to Scotland's biodiversity is to become a citizen scientist external site   by taking part in a wildlife survey.  There are many surveys to choose from.

Volunteering to help biodiversity isn't just about monitoring species and habitats.  There is a lot that you can do to help our understanding of the environment which our species and habitats require.  For example you could collect climate data such as rainfall or record the extent of flooding events.  If you don't mind getting stuck in you could help record the amount of litter on our beaches external site or take part in path or wall creation.


Want to learn more?  There are great training opportunities ranging from a few hours to residential courses.  Information on biodiversity related training can be obtained from The Conservation Volunteers external site .

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